Software Engineer

HackHers 2016: netflix & chill

A team of 5 strangers from different technical backgrounds embarked on a coding adventure at the HackHERS hackathon at Rutgers University in February 2016. We collaborated on a project that connects people based on emotional responses to videos. We were awarded three different first place prizes for the AWS, Microsoft, & Verizon competitions for best use of their respective available API's

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qAuth: Mutual 2 Factor Authentication Using Trusted Services

Our team was awarded first place in the Electrical & Computer (ECE) Engineering senior design project competition at Rutgers University in 2015. We made a security protocol that seamlessly integrates second factor authentication by use of a bluetooth connected accessory

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Loops Social

Two college students created an app designed to keep you organized while staying social. We developed consistent Android & iOS clients, and used Play Framework to make a web app that manages a SQL database, handles push notifications, and keeps client's data in sync

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